Tonya Hartwell: Amazing Facts About Edgerton’s Wife


Tonya Hartwell is a famous American woman who is best known as the wife of professional football linebacker Edgerton Hartwell. In this post, we are going to share everything about Tonya Hartwell’s bio, age, height, weight, net worth, and husband.


Tonya Hartwell Biography

Tonya was born in Detroit Michigan to parents Bettye Roper and Russell Glenmore on April 18th, 1973. She attended Mumford High school in Detroit where she graduated with honors. While attending Mumford high Tonya became interested in theater arts where she would hone her craft by performing in various plays including Dreamgirls.

After high school, Tonya enrolled at The University of Michigan where she received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. With hopes to start her career in media, Tonya began submitting herself into various talent contests where she would excel in pageants like The Miss Michigan USA pageant.

While competing in the contest Tonya met her future husband Edgerton Hartwell who was also competing at the time for The Baltimore Ravens.

While many people know Tonya’s personal life with her famous husband, what people don’t know is that Tonya has a long career working within the media industry. She started off by hosting events and showcases during college which lead to her landing an internship at WJBK Fox 2 news station.

Shortly after graduating College, Tonya landed her first job as an anchorperson on The Real News Network broadcasted out of Southfield Michigan where she worked until 1998.

After leaving TRNN, Tonya became the ‘on-air personality on the WGPR radio station, which is now known as Magic 92.3.  


Tonya Hartwell Career & Achievements

As for Tonya’s acting career she began by taking up roles in the Television series Dream On, Martin, Living Single, Moesha, Moesha spinoff The Parkers, Girlfriends, Who’s The Boss?, House Of Buggin’, Brothers and Sisters, All My Children and more.

While her television career was at its peak, Hartwell also landed parts in two full-length films including Big Bully starring Rick Moranis & Tom Arnold, and Poolhall Junkies starring Christopher Walken.

As of today, Tonya has not acted or appeared onscreen since 2006 so it seems like her acting career has ended.

More so, Tonya is also a philanthropist who works with various organizations including The Autism Society of Michigan, The University of Michigan, American Cancer Society, United Negro College Fund, and more.


Tonya Hartwell Net Worth

As for Tonya’s net worth, it is hard to calculate due to the fact she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page which would give people insight into how much money she makes from endorsements, appearances, speaking engagements, and personal investments.

Though I can safely say her husband who is currently playing in the NFL with Major League Baseball player’s salaries that Tonya Hartwell must be living a comfortable life where she doesn’t have to worry about money.


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