Welker Farms Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is This Youtuber?

Who is Welker Farms?

Welker Farms is a popular Youtube channel in America with more than 467k subscribers. Here, we are going to share everything about Welker Farms’ net Worth, achievement & career. 


Who is Welker Farms’ Father?

His name is Tom Welker. He’s a farmer and elder member of the church, and also the owner of Welker farms and Greenhouses located in North Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire States.

He started farming before his son was born, as evident by his Facebook page where he said: “I’m so excited to one day teach my little guy how to farm!”. Currently, it’s safe to assume Welker farms is making more than $1 million net worth.


Who are Welker Farms’ Sisters?

They are all married, have children, and are living in the same town as the family. They run an Instagram account called Welker_Fam, which has 1.4k followers but doesn’t post often. It’s also safe to assume they don’t bring much money for Welker Farms’ Net worth.

Who is Welker Farms’ Mom? She’s a housewife who runs an Instagram account with her husband @Welkers_vermontcabin. She posts pictures of food she makes for her family, whereas he posts pictures of their farm animals, his greenhouse work, and other outdoor activities they do together.


What Does Welker Farms Do on His Youtube Channel?

Welker farms mainly post videos of his dad Tom working on the farm and occasionally posts videos of him working on the greenhouse. He also has a vlogging series where he goes around to other YouTubers’ farms and interviews them about their work.


How is Welker Farms’ Career?

Although Welker Farms makes most of his net worth from his father (see Who is Welker Farms’ Father), he is still set to make an estimated $1 million in the future, given that he runs a popular channel and hasn’t stopped producing videos yet.

He’s also very open about himself, which encourages people to follow him and like/comment on his work more often (he posts at least twice per day). This way, it becomes more and more likely for him to make more money in the future as well.


What is Welker Farms’ Net Worth?

As estimated, Welker Farms has a net worth of $1 million. This is mainly from the income his father makes from farming, which we can assume is more than $1 million judging by the size of their farm and how long they’ve been doing it.

There are no other sources of income for Welker Farms that we could find, so this is the main income for Welker Farms’ Net worth.


Social Media Fan Following

Welker farms have 24k Instagram followers, 1.7k Twitter followers & 467k subscribers on Youtube.


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