Vaping Unplugged: 7 Essential Tips to Prevent Battery Drain During Storage (2023)

Traditional ways have lost popularity as people turn to vaping. It provides a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. The safe side of vaping is protection from the side effects of burning tobacco. 

Whether you vape occasionally or regularly, you must have several vape pen and batteries. But battery drain while storage is a common problem for vapers. To reduce battery drain and extend the life of your vaping batteries in 2023, we will look at seven crucial tips in this blog.

Importance of Battery Safety

Let’s see why the safety of batteries is important:

  • Accident avoidance: Damaged or improperly handled batteries can result in leaks, overheating, or even explosions. These unsafe situations are less likely with proper storage and maintenance.
  • Battery Life Extension: Well-maintained batteries last longer, deliver better performance, and save money. To maximize their durability, effective storage methods are required.
  • Improved Vaping Experience: Vaping is more enjoyable when batteries are fully charged and in good condition. Reduced vapor production and lesser flavor can result from neglected batteries.
  • Environmental responsibility: It is critical for the environment that broken or old batteries are disposed of properly. Keeping your batteries secure can reduce your chance of contributing to e-waste.

Battery Safety Precaution

Follow these seven precautions for your vaping batteries:

  1. Remove the Batteries

The first and most vital step is to remove the batteries from your delta 8 vape pen before storing them. Both internal and external batteries are affected by this. 

Since lithium-ion batteries naturally self-discharge over time even when not in use, they will slowly lose charge over time. You can stop the vaping device from using the batteries while inactive by removing them.

  1. Battery Storage at the Correct Voltage

Lithium-ion batteries must be stored in a voltage range. They should ideally be stored at 3.7 to 3.8 volts per cell. Keeping in this range prevents overcharging and undercharging problems. 

It is a good idea to store your batteries within the specified voltage range, even though most vaping devices have safety mechanisms that monitor and maintain battery voltage.

  1. Use Battery Sleeves or Cases

It is crucial to protect batteries against physical harm, exposure to moisture, and high temperatures. Battery sleeves or cases are accessible and affordable accessories to protect your batteries while storing. 

Your batteries are stored safely and protectively in these casings, lowering the possibility of damage and ensuring their continued good health.

  1. Keep in a Cool, Dry Place

The performance and lifespan of lithium-ion batteries can be affected by temperature and humidity levels. Keep your batteries out of direct sunlight and severe temperatures when storing them for an extended period. 

Keep them away from the heating vents in your car and the glove compartment, as these places can get very hot. Select a drawer or storage container that is kept at room temperature.

  1. Check the Battery Voltage

Regularly check the voltage of your vape batteries, even if you follow all the suggested storage methods. You can use a multimeter or a battery voltage checker to ensure they are in the safe voltage range. If the battery voltage falls below the voltage level, recharge the batteries before storing them.

  1. Turn the Batteries Around

You can exchange your vape pen batteries regularly if you have different sets. Switching batteries will ensure that each battery receives the same amount of use and rest to avoid any chance of overuse of any set. Try this method to enhance the batteries’ performance and extend their lifespan.

  1. Recharge and Use

If you have not used the vaping device for too long, charge your batteries completely before vaping to make sure that the batteries are ready to use anytime. It will also balance the batteries since cells in your battery pack can become unbalanced during storage due to self-discharge.


We hope that this blog has helped tell you how to keep batteries safely. This blog aims to give knowledge to ensure the safety of all. As vaping is the current trend, make sure you are doing it properly. It will save you from most dangers.

When your vaping batteries are in good condition, vaping can be a joyful and pleasing experience. Maintaining the durability and functionality of your vaping devices will also promote environmental safety. 

Avoid battery exhaustion and have an excellent vaping experience. Follow all the seven battery storage precautions discussed above. Charge up, store carefully, and vape sensibly, vaping will be safer and more fun.

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