Definitive Guide to Recliners: Everything You Need to Know

Individuals and families immediately recognized the benefits of recliners in the 1920s, and even today, they remain popular. With just the touch of a lever or button, you can get the footrest that you need and get all the comfort that you want, and you can read more about them on this site here.

Providing extra support for the lumbar and neck areas, those with spinal conditions and body aches can get the ease that they need. These are the upholstered armchairs where the back can be tilted, and others can massage, swivel, lift, and rock people on their chairs.

Different Types Available


As its name suggests, this is the type that is great for those who can’t sleep at night. Rocking can be good for moms who want to nurse their babies and get them to sleep, and this has a central axis. Mechanisms typically allow the users to have various positions, and the body’s spine contour is heavily supported.


These types are moving on track and can be different from the rockers. They move in a single linear smooth motion, and they can be a good addition to offices and living rooms. It’s a favorite for many workers because they can move from one chair to another, and the glider does take up a lot of space in a room.

Power Types 

Electric motors are often commonly used for the adjustments of these chairs. They are done by pressing buttons, and this is great for people with physical impairments and mobility issues. They are leaning forward so anyone can get up in a standing position in an easy manner.

Lever Handle

Traditional types activate a mechanism that when pulled, will enable the user to recline the backrest and the footrest at the same time. You can add this iconic piece near the television or the fireplace, and it’s good if you want to read a book and relax. This is something that you’ll never go wrong with.

Selecting the Right Chairs for You

Consider various factors when you want a recliner, such as built-in options and back support. This may give you a break, especially if you’re working from home and need some relief.

Measure the room where you’re planning to add the recliner, and make sure that it blends well into your décor. It should have a comfortable fit with enough space so it won’t look too overwhelming. A wall-hugger design is something that you can also place closer to the wall, especially if you have a cramped apartment. A loveseat recliner can also be an option made from leather where the upholstery is long-lasting, ultra-soft, and easy to maintain.

Comfort is another aspect that you need to take into consideration, and you can test out different models by sitting in them and adjusting their positions. Pay attention to how well they support your body and the way they transition from an upright position to a full recline.

Durability is also important, especially if you plan on using your recliner frequently or have pets or children who may put additional wear and tear on it. Look for high-quality materials like genuine leather or sturdy fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain while aesthetically beautiful at the same time.

Maintenance Tips

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Clean and vacuum your upholstery each week to remove pet dander, hair, dirt, and dust that might have accumulated in it over time. For stains and spills, you can add warm water solutions and mild detergent so it won’t stick too much.

Lubricate the moving parts and the mechanisms to promote their longevity, and read the manufacturers’ guidelines to know which type of grease or oil is recommended for your model. Apply the solutions to the joints and hinges, and don’t let the parts rust.

Make sure that there’s proper support for the entire structure, and check the bolts and screws periodically to make them more secure and tight. If you’re noticing loose components, call a professional to check the overall condition of the recliner to be on the safe side. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as well because it can damage the entire upholstery and fabric.

Where to Buy?

Look for a recliner at furniture stores because these establishments typically have a wide selection of seats in various styles and price ranges. Visiting different shops allows you to try out different models and see which one suits your comfort needs best.

You can also try shopping online because nowadays, it has become incredibly popular and convenient, and you can read more info about this on this page:

Numerous digital retailers that specialize in selling furniture, including recliners have websites where you can browse through their selections from the comfort of your own home. Read customer reviews before making a decision.

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