OSRS Swan Song Guide

Welcome to the Swan Song Guide for Old School RuneScape (OSRS)! This guide will provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough of the Swan Song quest. The Swan Song quest is a unique quest that is one of the most difficult in the game, and it requires a great amount of skill and patience to complete. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to complete this difficult quest, including the best strategies, the rewards available, and any potential glitches that you may encounter during the quest. We hope you find this guide helpful and that it helps you complete the Swan Song quest successfully. Good luck!

What is Swan Song in OSRS

What is Swan Song in OSRS

Swan Song is a quest in the popular MMORPG game Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It is a quest centered around the mysterious island of Entrana, and requires players to help the inhabitants of the island who are being terrorized by an evil entity. The quest focuses on the player’s ability to defeat the entity and restore balance to the island. During the quest, players must complete a variety of tasks such as gathering ingredients, finding clues and solving puzzles. Once the quest is completed, players are awarded the Swan Song medallion, an item that increases the player’s Prayer level. Swan Song is a challenging, yet rewarding quest that provides a great sense of accomplishment for players who complete it.

Swan Song Requirements

Swan Song Requirements

Swan Song is a quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that requires players to rescue a singer from an evil wizard. The quest is considered to be an intermediate level quest with a difficulty rating of two out of five stars. In order to complete the quest players must meet several requirements. This article will outline the requirements needed to complete the Swan Song quest.

Level 33 Magic

In order to complete the Swan Song quest, players must have a Magic level of 33 or higher. This is required to cast the Lumbridge Teleport spell which is needed in order to access the quest area.

Level 10 Agility

Players must also have a minimum Agility level of 10 in order to complete a certain part of the quest.

Level 10 Crafting

Players must have a Crafting level of 10 or higher in order to make the flute needed for the quest.

Level 30 Fishing

Players must have a Fishing level of 30 or higher in order to fish for a certain type of fish needed for the quest.

Access to Lumbridge

Players must have access to Lumbridge in order to teleport to the quest area.

Completion of Priest in Peril Quest

Players must have completed the Priest in Peril quest in order to gain access to the quest area.

Access to a Bank

Players must have access to a bank in order to store the items needed for the quest.

Quest Items

Players must have some quest items such as a bowl of water, a flute, a raw cod, and a swamp tar.

Swan Song Quest Walkthrough

The Swan Song quest is a medium-level quest in Old School RuneScape, set in the Kingdom of Misthalin. It involves helping the Swan family of Sinclar Port, and finding a way to save the family’s ship from the clutches of a powerful wizard.

The quest starts with the player speaking to the Swan family’s father, Captain Cyris, who will explain his family’s situation and ask for help. Players must then travel to Sinclar Port and speak to the wizard, Grimgnash, who is holding the family’s ship hostage. After offering Grimgnash a deal, players must find three magical items to appease him.

The first item is a magical rune stone found in the Tower of Life dungeon, located in the eastern part of Misthalin. Players must defeat the creatures in the dungeon to obtain the stone and return it to Grimgnash.

The second item is a magical flute, which can be found in a house in the western part of Misthalin. Again, players must defeat the monsters in the house to obtain the flute and return it to Grimgnash.

The final item is a magical harp, located in the Fremennik Isles. Players must travel to the isles and find the harp in an abandoned house. Once they have obtained the harp, they must return it to Grimgnash to complete the quest.

Upon completing the quest, players will be rewarded with some experience in a variety of skills, as well as access to the ship owned by the Swan family, which can be used as a quick travel option. Additionally, players will receive a unique pet called the Swan pet, which can be used to help them in future quests.

Swan Song Rewards

Swan Song is a quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that rewards players with a variety of rewards upon successful completion. This article will provide a detailed overview of the rewards for completing the quest.

Quest Point Reward

The most notable reward for completing Swan Song is a Quest Point, which is a key component of overall character progression. Quest Points are a currency-like resource that can be used to unlock more difficult and rewarding quests in the game.

Experience Reward

Players who complete the Swan Song quest will be rewarded with a large sum of experience points in five different skills: Fishing, Thieving, Mining, Smithing, and Crafting. The amount of experience rewarded depends on the character’s current level in the respective skills.

Lumbridge Achievement Diary Reward

Completing Swan Song also rewards players with an additional Lumbridge Achievement Diary task. This task rewards players with additional experience and unlocks the ability to purchase additional gear from the Lumbridge General Store.

Fishing Rods

As an extra reward, players will also be given two fishing rods upon completing the quest. These fishing rods are the Oily Fishing Rod and the Big Fishing Rod, which can be used to catch fish in the Fishing Trawler minigame.


Finally, players will also be rewarded with the ability to teleport to the Fishing Platform at any time. This is a useful reward that allows players to quickly and easily travel to the Fishing Platform without having to traverse the dangerous waters of Karamja.

Swan Song Tips & Tricks

Swan Song is a quest in the popular MMORPG Old School RuneScape (OSRS) which requires players to help the mysterious Swan Mage find out what happened to his master, the Swan Knight. It is a challenging quest, with many puzzles and difficult tasks. Here are some tips and tricks to help players complete Swan Song.

Familiarize Yourself with the Quest

Before starting the quest, it is important to familiarize yourself with the quest and its objectives. Read up on the quest’s requirements and objectives and make sure you understand them. This will help you plan out your approach to the quest and make it easier to complete.

Gather the Necessary Items

Before beginning the quest, make sure to gather all the necessary items, such as teleport runes, food and weapons. This will prevent you from having to backtrack to retrieve these items in the middle of the quest.

Do the Puzzles in Order

When you reach the puzzles, it is important to do them in order. This will ensure that you have the correct items and items in the correct order to complete the puzzles.

Defeat the Swan Knight

The Swan Knight is a powerful enemy that will require you to use all of your skills to defeat. Make sure to use the correct weapons and armor and use any helpful abilities you may possess.

Follow the Clues

Throughout the quest, you will need to follow the clues in order to progress. Make sure to pay attention to the clues and follow them as closely as possible.

Complete the Swan Mage’s Tasks

Finally, make sure to complete all the tasks the Swan Mage asks of you. This is the only way to complete the quest and progress to the next stage.

By following these tips and tricks, you will be able to complete the Swan Song quest in OSRS and continue your journey in the game. Good luck!


Swan Song Guide for OSRS has provided a comprehensive overview of the Swan Song quest. From the requirements needed to start the quest to the rewards earned at the end, we have learned all there is to know! The guide has also highlighted the various strategies you can use to make sure you get the most out of the quest. With the help of this guide, players can now begin their journey with confidence and work towards obtaining the most rewards. With the right approach, the Swan Song quest can be conquered with ease and become a rewarding experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quest requirement for Swan Song OSRS?

The quest requirements are 50 Fishing, 50 Cooking, and 50 Crafting.

How long does it take to complete the Swan Song OSRS miniquest?

The miniquest takes approximately one hour to complete.

What are the rewards for finishing the Swan Song OSRS miniquest?

Upon completion of Swan Song, players will receive 2 Quest Points, 10,000 coins, and the ability to catch and cook sea turtles.

Is the Swan Song Guide OSRS safe to use?

Yes, the guide is completely safe to use. It is written by experienced OSRS players who have successfully completed the miniquest and can provide valuable tips and advice.

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