Custom Grillz

If you’re looking for a unique way to grill, you’ll find a great selection of custom grillz available for purchase online. There are a variety of options available for styles, colors and price visit

Colors available

Custom Grillz are the latest fad in the world of mouthpieces. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors, but if you are looking for something a bit more exotic and unique, you may have to shell out some cash. If you’re considering purchasing a set, you may want to check out some of the more high-end companies in the business, such as XS Customs. In addition to providing a great selection of teeth-mounted products, they offer a solid 30 day money back guarantee and a stellar customer service department that’s sure to make you feel like a rock star. This includes their impressive selection of custom gold and diamond grillz, which can be ordered in a variety of colors and styles. The company also offers a number of different grills ranging from the eponymous XS Grill to the glitzy G-Luxe Grill.

Styles available

If you’re in the market for custom grillz, you may be wondering what types of styles you can choose. You can find several different cuts, including diamond cuts, permanent cuts, and open face cuts. There’s also a new material to consider: enamel. Enamel allows you to use brighter colors in your designs. Using enamel is a great way to showcase your personality and your unique grillz.

Another style you can choose is the sun cut. This style creates a bursting sun-like shape on each tooth, which is a very different look than other cut styles. Many people mix solid gold with open face grills for a more minimalist feel. Diamonds and rubies can also be used in this style. A sun cut will definitely be an eye-catching look. It’s one of the most popular styles for custom grillz.

You can also opt for opals. These are gemstones with pearly tones and can be molded into letters. Opals are becoming increasingly popular for custom grillz. They can be accentuated with diamonds and enamel, and make an excellent option for those looking for a unique look.


The price of custom grillz can vary wildly depending on the type of design, material, and the number of teeth. Some of the most expensive models can cost a million dollars or more. However, if you’re looking to save money, there are several knock-offs that are available at a fraction of the cost. Usually, the knock-offs are made of plastic and sold for less than $50. For those of you who want something a bit more expensive, you should consider buying from a reputable manufacturer.

In addition to the price of the grillz itself, you will also have to pay for the labor costs. This will include the time it takes to make the grillz, as well as the materials used to create the grillz. Materials such as diamonds and gemstones can also increase the price of the grillz, as they are more expensive than other options.

If you’re looking to purchase a luxury set of fangs, it’s important to find a manufacturer that has a reputation for high quality products. You should also ensure that the grillz fit properly.


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