Yosohn Santana Net Worth 2022

Yosohn Santana Net Worth 2022

Yosohn Santana is a famous celebrity kid who is the owner of an estimated net worth of $1k in 2021. Today we are going to share every detail about Yosohn Santana’s biography, siblings, parents & lifestyle.

So if you are also his fan then let me explain it in more interesting detail.


Quick Details

First Name Yosohn
Last Name Santana
Birthday 12 April 2018
Age 3 Years
Net Worth Approximately $1k 
Hometown America
Parents Ari Fletcher
Siblings Not Yet Published
Status Student
Nationality Under 18



Yosohn Santana was born on 12 April 2018 and now he is about 3 years old. Yosohn’s hometown is America where he is spending his childhood with his family.

Recently his parents celebrated his third birthday on 12 April and posted on social media that was liked by a huge community.

There is no information about his siblings so we are unable to publish it on this page. It was reported that he is studying at his hometown primary school.



As we know Yosohn is just about 3 years old so he is still a student and does not yet have the maturity to decide his career.

Currently, he is living with his family in his hometown and getting early education. We will update you soon whenever we get more information about this famous kid. 


Personal Life

Yosohn is still a child who has never dated a girl. According to the web, he is still single and has never dated a girl in his life. We will suggest you follow this child on social media to get more updates about his life. 




Who is Yosohn Santana’s mother?


The mother name of this famous family member is Ari Fletcher.

How much does Yosohn Santana net worth have?


According to the latest reports of the internet, he holds an estimated net worth of $1k in 021. 

How old is Yosohn Santana?


He is about 3 years old. 



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