what is a hydrafacial machine


Hydrafacial products are a great way to treat your skin and improve its appearance. The treatment involves using a machine that delivers high-frequency waves from an electric generator onto your face, neck and upper chest area. These waves penetrate deep into the skin, helping it glow with healthiness by stimulating growth and collagen production.

How does it work?

Hydrafacial machines are effective at removing dirt and oil from the skin, as well as stimulating new collagen production. The machine uses a high-frequency wand to kill bacteria on the surface of the skin, while another wand gently removes excess oil. Microdermabrasion and pore extraction can also be performed using this device.

The prep process is similar to what you’d do before going in for laser hair removal: You apply toner or serum first, then use an exfoliating scrub to remove dead cells from your face (this step is optional). Then it’s time for your hydrafacial treatment!

Who can benefit from a hydrafacial?

If you have sensitive skin, a hydrafacial is a great way to improve your complexion. These machines are generally gentle and non-invasive, so they’re ideal for people who might be prone to irritation or redness.

If you have acne, these treatments can help reduce the size of existing breakouts and prevent future ones from forming in the first place. Hydrafacials also help minimize pore size by removing sebum (oil) build-up in pores that causes acne inflammation.

A good hydrabalm session will make rosacea symptoms less severe or even go away altogether! Rosacea is an inflammatory condition that causes redness on the cheeks and nose—it affects as many as 18 million Americans every year.* It often has no obvious cause but may worsen with age or sun exposure.*

How to use a hydrafacial machine at home

Hydrafacial machines are easy to use, safe, and effective. You can use them at home as often as you want!

  • The machine is easy to operate: just plug it in and press a button on the front panel.
  • The machine is safe: there’s no need for expensive professional services or medical equipment—this device has been proven time and time again by respected dermatologists around the world (and even in their own studies). Plus its safety features make it ideal for use on all skin types including sensitive skin types that might react adversely with other treatments such as lasers or chemical peels. It also comes with an automatic shut-off feature so users don’t have to worry about powering down accidentally while drying off after using it either!
  • It works well regardless of whether you’re using it at home or going out into public places like malls where others might notice if someone looks like they’ve just had something done differently than usual… which brings us back around full circle 🙂

The pros and cons of using the hydrafacial at home

While using the treatment at home is more convenient, it’s not as powerful. The professional version of this machine can produce up to 40% deeper levels of smoothing than what you’ll get from your hydrafacial machine at home.

However, there are some cons that come with using a machine like this:

  • You can’t use it on all skin types (only dry or sensitive)
  • Even though results are still great, they won’t be as good because your skin hasn’t been exposed to the same amount of pressure as if you were getting treatments done professionally


We hope you are now better informed about the benefits of a hydrafacial machine and can make an informed decision on whether it is right for you. As with any treatment, it’s important that you understand the pros and cons before embarking on any course of action. If you would like more information about our hydrafacial machine or any other treatments we offer at The Beauty Room, please contact us today!

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