TY James Net Worth 2022: Meet Rick James’ Daughter

TY James is a famous American personality who is mostly known as the daughter of Rick James. She was born on 13 July 1975 and now she is about 46 years old. In this article, we will discuss everything about TY James’ net worth, biography, birthday, age, parents, boyfriend, career, and lifestyle. So if you are really her fan then read the full below details to get all the points.


TY James Biography

She is a Harvard graduate as she has successfully passed her college from there. From childhood, we all know that her father was addicted to drugs and he died due to a drugs overdose in 2004.

She was born in Los Angeles and she is around 46 years old now. When she was just 4 years old then James also played the role of his father in his movie ‘Glow’.


TY James Net Worth

She has a very good net worth and salary. But we cannot declare the exact amount as it is kept secret. There are different sources that claim her net worth is around $35 million and another source claims a net worth of $11 million dollars. We can conclude that her net worth is around $22 million dollars.


TY James Personal Life

She is not married yet but she has got married twice in her life with actor Jonathan Brandis and photographer Kalpana Bhaumik. She also dated many guys like Travis Barker, Tommy Lee, Shaun White, Ben Roethlisberger, and David A. Stewart.


TY James Career

She is a famous personality and best known for being the daughter of American singer Rick James. She made her first appearance in ‘Glow’ as a child actor which was released in 1985. She also appeared in different TV

series like Moesha, Boston Public, Malcolm & Eddie, and many others. She is not working in any movie or TV series now.


TY James Lifestyle

She is living a lavish lifestyle with her family. She has many expensive properties and spent money on shopping every month. There are different rumors about her that she was also addicted to drugs but it cannot be confirmed yet.


TY James Body Measurements

She has perfect body measurements with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches. She also has an ideal weight of around 56 kg. Her eyes color is black and her hair color is brown.



Is TY James still alive?

Answer: Yes, she is alive and active in social media.

What are the songs of TY James?

Answer: Different songs are Aaliyah, Come Over by Lil Wayne, Do Me Right by Ludacris. She also sang many other songs but they are not available online yet.

What is the address of TY James?

Answer: She lives in Los Angeles. We cannot disclose her exact home or office address as it is kept secret.

Is TY James active on social media?

Answer: Yes, she is very active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with around 3 million fans. But she is not available on Facebook.

How much is the net worth of TY James?

Answer: We cannot determine the exact amount but her net worth is estimated at around $35 million dollars.

What are the interesting facts about TY James?

Answer: She was named after Tyaliyah who died in a plane crash at just age 7.

What is the phone number of TY James?

Answer: She doesn’t like to share her contact number and we cannot disclose it here. You can find her on social media or Google for more information.

How old is TY James?

Answer: She is around 46 years old but born on 13 July 1975.


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