Tipper Gore Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is This Advocate?

Tipper Gore is a famous American social issues advocate and author who was born on 19 August 1948 and now she is about 73 years. Today we will share everything about Tipper Gore net worth, salary, income, age, body, spouse, body measurements, and career.


Tipper Gore Biography & Early Life

Mrs. Tipper D’Amore was born in Washington DC to Charles LaRue and Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson. She joined Boston College and during her study there, she met her husband Al Gore.

Tipper Gore has two children with her husband named Karenna Gore and Kristin Gore. She launched the book club “Turning Point” in 1991 at the White House Correspondent Dinner, which was a very evident turning point for her career as a social activist.


Tipper Gore Career And Professional Life

Mrs. Tipper started working early. When she was only 7 years old, she worked as a newspaper carrier for Washington Evening Star. After completing her graduation she started participating in different social works like fighting against drugs and alcohol.

She also supported the presidential campaign of her husband during the 1988 election cycle. She appeared on MTV with John Walsh to discuss how can parents protect their children from explicit material found on the Internet. She also appeared on CBS Sunday Morning Show to discuss it.


Tipper Gore Age, Spouse And Children

As we discussed above Tipper Gare was born in 1948 and now she has reached near about 73. She is the wife of a famous politician and former Vice President of the United States Al Gore.

They both first met during their college time at Boston College and after a few years, they got married in 1970.


Tipper Gore Net Worth

Tipper Gore net worth is estimated to be around $20 million in 2022.


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