The Cost Savings of Jet Charter Services for Group Travel

Although, indeed, private flights often cost more than commercial airline tickets, money-saving offers and options are available. Private jet group travel can be cheaper than commercial airline travel in specific scenarios.

How Much Does Jet Charter Service Cost?

You can choose from a wide range of aircraft when using a private jet service, like Stratos Jet Charters, with capacities ranging from 30 to 350 passengers. In most cases, the total cost of private jet services is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate of the private jet by the total number of flying hours.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,200 to $8,000+ per hour for jet charter services. The size and type of aircraft you fly in will have the second-largest impact on your total travel cost. Larger planes with more amenities tend to cost more per hour than smaller planes.

Saving Money With Jet Charter Services

With jet charter services available for as little as $1,200 an hour, you can see how simple it is to save money on group travel. So, for example, you have eight employees, including yourself, that need to relocate from Kentucky to Florida with a one hour and 54 minutes flight time.

Current commercial airline rates cost $672 a piece. If you fly commercially, you’ll spend a minimum of $5,376 on airline tickets and risk delays and layovers. If you rent a private jet with seating for up to eight people at an hourly rate of $2,100, your total travel costs would be only $4,200, saving you $1,176 on travel expenses.

Keep reading to learn about the additional cost-saving benefits of jet charter services for group travel.

Money-Saving Benefits of Private Jet Charter

Using a jet charter service can save money in a variety of ways. As was previously said, private jet services can serve as an excellent cost-cutting option for large-group travel under the right circumstances. So here’s a look at three more ways that chartering a private plane for a large party can help save money.

Save Time

Commercial air travel often causes stress. You have to enter the busy airport and stand for extended periods at security checkpoints. This, combined with long flights and stopovers, can cost a lot of time. And for many, time is money.

With a private aircraft, you can avoid all the stress and headaches of commercial air travel. You’ll arrive at the airport, and within 15 minutes, you’ll board the private plane, where you can return to work with business amenities like WiFi. Ultimately, while you’re on board, you can relax and get some work done before you arrive at your destination.

Improve Work Efficiency

Suppose you need to get a lot of work done in the air; private jet travel is the way to go. Internet connectivity and other communication tools allow you and your group to participate in crucial communication initiatives. Given the corporate world’s dynamic nature, this is paramount. For example, if you plan on hosting business meetings in the air, rent a jet with group meeting amenities.

Increase Destination Options

Another way jet charter services put more money in your pocket is by increasing your destination options. According to the National Business Aviation Association, almost 5,000 public-use airports are served by jet charter firms. On the other hand, commercial flights have only 70 major airports for landing and departure.

Private jet charters are permitted to land at airports with shorter runways than commercial aircraft. Instead of arriving at a congested commercial hub, you can pick whatever airport you wish to visit.

By selecting the best airport for your location instead of just using the nearest commercial one, you can fly faster to your intended destination. This enables you to arrive more conveniently and saves you valuable travel time and money.

You can use jet charter services to get from Point A to Point B and so much more. These services can reduce travel expenses in some scenarios as well as make your team more productive. If you have a group travel event coming up, access Jet Charter Services Today!

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