Shoe Faire

Shoes, essential clothing in our daily life, come before us with different models and usage purposes. A shoe that shines brightly while participating in a comfortable, light, stylish invitation while doing sports. Many other manufacturers make a different preparation before the season to determine the new season models. The shoe faire is a vital presentation opportunity for various brands and models of shoes. Other brands and important manufacturers can set sail for new collaborations while exhibiting their products. Setting the pulse of the shoe industry for years, Aymond Shoe Fashion Fair is a shoe faire that stands out with its many features. Over a wide area, in an international environment, shoe manufacturers set new season trends. Interaction, the most crucial aspect for many offers, occurs here positively and dynamically. This organization, which provides the infrastructure of many new business opportunities and the opportunity to meet with the essential sector actors, attracts excellent attention every year.

The Most Dynamic Meeting of the Shoe Industry at Aymond

The fair, held at the fairground at the World Trade Center in Istanbul, welcomes over 400 companies and over 40,000 visitors. It is possible to buy tickets online for the Aymod Shoe Fashion Fair, which will take place between February 1-4, via the Aymond, the first event that comes to mind when the shoe faire is mentioned, has been organized uninterruptedly for 33 years. The organization, which opened the world’s windows to Turkish shoe manufacturers, leads the way in promoting the Turkish shoe industry internationally. The Aymond Shoe Fashion Fair, which offers serious opportunities such as many new collaborations and getting to know new business models due to the high participation rate, is also eagerly awaited in terms of being held twice a year. This fair, which is unrivaled in terms of quality and diversity, offers an easily accessible location in terms of transportation. You can reach the World Trade Center fairground using different public transportation options.


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