Pure Living For Life Net Worth 2022

What is Pure Living For Life?

PURE LIVING FOR LIFE is an American YouTuber that has a net worth of $100k in 2022. His real name is Jake Smith, who was born on January 1, 1991. He lives with his wife, Katy Smith, in Oklahoma City Oklahoma.

The couple has three kids together. The main purpose of PURE LIVING FOR LIFE is to show others how to pursue happiness without spending money or clinging to modern life and its conveniences.

Pure Living For Life also discusses politics and shares some videos about saving money while finding new ways to save the environment through sustainable living.


How did Pure Living For Life Start?

Pure Living for life started when Jake Smith was going through a tough time in his life. A series of events led him to sell all of his belongings, give away most of what he had, and move into a tiny camper van with his wife and dog.

They lived this way for two years while traveling the country and visiting all 50 states. It was during this time that Jake started making YouTube videos about his experiences and the things he was learning along the way.


What is Pure Living For Life’s Net Worth?

PURE LIVING FOR LIFE has an estimated net worth of $100k in 2022. This is largely due to the fact that Jake Smith doesn’t accept sponsorships or advertising deals from brands. He instead relies on Patreon donations from his viewers in order to finance his lifestyle.

So far, this method seems to be working well for him and he has a loyal following of supporters that give donations every month.


How is Pure Living For Life’s Channel Doing?

If you’re interested in a YouTube channel that shows individuals how they can live a more sustainable life with the help of modern technology, then PURE LIVING FOR LIFE is definitely worth checking out.

Jake uses his platform as an opportunity to share his personal experiences about living off-grid and how it affects his family differently from those who use modern conveniences every day.

With over 150k subscribers, this channel provides viewers with helpful advice on going green and being happy without spending money.



Does Pure Living for life take sponsorship deals?

No, Jake Smith doesn’t accept sponsorships or any other forms of payment in exchange for advancing the interests of a brand or company. He instead relies on donations from patrons through Patreon to finance his lifestyle.


Did Pure Living For Life ever get married?

Yes, Jake Smith married Katy Smith in 2011. The couple has three children together who are featured in many videos on their YouTube channel. They currently reside in Oklahoma City, OK with their youngest son and two dogs.


What social media accounts does Pure Living For Life maintain?

PURE LIVING FOR LIFE is on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They can be found by searching “Pure Living For Life” on any of these platforms.


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