Pixlriffs Net Worth 2022

Pixlriffs Biography

Pixlriffs is a famous Youtube channel created by two friends, James and Mike. The channel is based on reviewing video games and movies. They started the channel back in 2015 and have since amassed a large following.


Pixlriffs has been praised for their funny and entertaining reviews. They are known for their in-depth analysis of games and movies. They also have a segment called “Pixlriffs After Dark” where they discuss more adult topics such as sex and drugs in video games.


The channel has been a huge success and has made the two friends very rich. They currently live in Los Angeles, California and continue to produce new content for their channel.


Pixlriffs Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Pixlriff’s net worth is estimated to be around about $1 million. The channel generated this income from Youtube ads and paid promotional videos. 


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How much money does Pixlriffs make?

Pixlriffs makes around $30 million dollars a year.


Where do Pixlriffs live?

Pixlriffs lives in Los Angeles, California.


When did Pixlriffs start making videos?

Pixlriffs started making videos in 2015.


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