Keith Whitaker Zatara Net Worth 2022


Keith Whitaker Zatara is a famous American Youtuber who holds an estimated net worth of $10 million in 2022. In this article, we are going to discuss Keith Whitaker Zatara’s biography, age, career, and net worth. 


Keith Whitaker Zatara Biography

Zatara was born on May 3, 1998 in Montana, U.S. His birth name is Keith Alexander Whitaker. He has two older sisters named Kim and Jamie. They grew up without their father who left them when Keith Zatara was only 5 years old (he died 4 months ago).


How Did Keith Whitaker Zatara Start His Career?

During his early childhood, he spent most of his time watching movies with his family members or simply playing video games at home.

In high school, he began to show very high interest in internet marketing and online advertisement due to the numerous websites he had been visiting regularly since middle school years for entertainment purposes. 

As a result, he decided to build his own internet marketing company at the age of 16.

Keith Zatara started a vlogging channel on youtube in 2015 and created a second channel in 2017 which is dedicated to entertainment. He has been generating an average income of $200k from both channels since 2016.


Keith Whitaker Zatara Net Worth

In 2022, Keith Whitaker Zatara’s net worth is set to hit over $10 million due to very frequent updates of content on his social media platforms.

Keith Whitaker Zatanna has a very humble life despite being a billionaire with a net worth of over $10 million. His house gets powered by solar energy which serves as an inspiration to his viewers. He also owns a Tesla Model S car.




How Much Money Does Keith Whitaker Zatara Make on YouTube?

Keith Whitaker Zatara makes an estimated $200,000 from his YouTube channels.


How Old is Keith Whitaker Zatara?

Keith Whitaker Zatara is 20 years old as of 2018. 


Where Does Keith Whitaker Zatara Live?

Keith Whitaker Zatara lives in Montana, the area is a professional YouTuber who makes a very high income from his social media platforms. 


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