Jeff Bishop Net Worth 2022

Who is Jeff Bishop?

Jeff Bishop was born on April 10, 1894, professionally known as Jeff Bishop is an American trader who has accumulated a net worth of $1 million in 2022.

He started his career by being an entrepreneur at the age of 28. Prior to being a businessman, he served in the Navy during World War I where he reached the rank of Chief Quartermaster. 

Jeff Bishop has been able to acquire his net worth through his business enterprise with companies like State Security Corp and others that are still unknown to the mass public. 

At the age of 88 years, old Jeff Bishop was involved in a car accident which may have played a significant role in reducing his life span; it led him into a coma for six months. He is one of the greatest traders in history who has made around $100 million. 


Jeff Bishop Career

Jeff Bishop started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 28 when he owned a fishing business with his brothers. After that, he went to work for State Security Corp but resigned some years later after some disagreements with their policy changed.

Then he served in World War I where he reached the rank of Chief Quartermaster. All these achievements contributed to getting him on top of the richest men list in America back then who have accumulated an enormous amount of wealth estimated at $100 million by 1982.

There are no details about him after his retirement from the company.


Jeff Bishop Net Worth

Jeff Bishop has an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2022. Jeff Bishop mainly due to his involvement with companies like State Security Corp and other unknown sources.

Although it is hard to get accurate information about him since he was secretive about his earnings. However, according to some reports, there are claims that he has made approximately $100 million before retiring. 


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