How To Become Certified As A Qigong Instructor

In a world with more distractions and irrelevant information than ever, millions of people have turned to methods to concentrate and enhance their mental and physical well-being. There are countless ways of doing this, but one of the most popular and efficient ways is to become proficient in the ancient Chinese art of Qigong. However, Qigong is more than an activity, as people who follow its teachings and methods slowly use it as a way of life. Learning this ancient art may help you live your life better, and, in turn, you could teach others how to use it. If that is your goal, keep reading to find out how you can be certified in Qigong.

Understand The Art Of Qigong

Qigong focuses mainly on what ancient philosophers believed is the body’s main energy source: qi. The more abundant it is in your body, and the better it flows through, the healthier and better you will feel. All the teachings in this discipline focus on opening qi blockages and spreading it more uniformly in your body through several ways, combining exercise, meditation, and focusing on mental health. You will use a variety of movements, postures, and breathing exercises to center yourself and strengthen the flow of qi in your body. Understanding this principle and all that stems from it is the key to becoming an expert in this discipline.

Confer With People In Your Community

You must set a great example for others when training to be an instructor. Before you do that, however, you will need to understand how Qigong affects people from all walks of life. Confer with those in your community who have taken the time to abide by its teachings, and question them about what pushed them towards this art and how it benefits them every day. This way, you will have a picture of Qigong’s effects on most people and how it can benefit them, and you will be able to teach others better.

Cultivate Teaching Skills

Being a qigong instructor requires an in-depth knowledge of the ancient art, but you must be a good leader and teacher, too. Before you are ready to help others, you must learn how to spread your beliefs and teachings accurately and helpfully. Develop your social and public speaking skills, and focus on developing empathy and understanding other people’s perspectives by getting real-world experience, such as working in charities or helping your friends and loved ones on a small scale. The skills you develop will serve you well during your teaching journey.

Start The Certification Process

Once you feel confident about your skills and knowledge, you can enroll in any Qigong Teacher Training program. Here, you will learn more about how thousands of instructors and practitioners in the past have spread these teachings and how you can best help others to do the same. You will learn about modern techniques and how to engage your clients, and you will be able to get some experience in the field, too. The certification you get will allow you to formally begin practicing as an instructor.

Apply Your Twists And Information

The last step before you are ready to begin is to take all that you have learned and put your twist on it. Qigong instructors in the past have urged people to share their views on the philosophy, and you should do the same. Consider the parts of the philosophy that have helped you the most, and identify the teachings that you think will be most important for others to know. If you can develop your beliefs and teaching methods, you will be able to express them better to clients.


Qigong is widely renowned and popular worldwide for a reason. It uses core abilities like breathing control, meditation, and physical and mental well-being to create a better standard of living and quality of life for everyone who follows it. Taking care of yourself using these ancient techniques can potentially change your life. If you have already started following it, your next goal may be to spread Qigong teachings and techniques to spread wellness among others. The first step in your journey to change other’s lives is to be certified, which you will easily be able to do if you use the information in this article.

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