Flipstik Net Worth: Top Interesting Things To Know In 2022

Flipstik is a famous brand which is owing and run by Akeem Shannon. This article will cover everything about Flipstik like How it become a brand? and How much is Flipstik net worth in 2022?


A Full Case Study of Flipstik

In 1999 Akeem was just a kid who liked to do tricks. He wanted a better skateboard that can help him in doing all the tricks easily and swiftly. So, he designed the first-ever Flipstik which used a roller skate at its base instead of aboard. This made it easy to use and fun to play with.

Akeem started to sell his boards at the age of 12 in different places. But, the product didn’t catch much attention because it was looking quite funny and people used to make fun of it. Then, Akeem stopped selling for some days but later again decided to try.

After a few months, he got good reviews from customers which boosted his confidence and he again started selling. This time people started loving it and soon Flipstik gained a lot of popularity as an alternative to skateboards.

After some time Akeem realized that the product is good but it was not at all safe for use. So, he designed a new one which had brakes and other things so that if any accident happens, the rider can stop immediately. This made it one of the safest products for kids as well as adults.

Flipstik has been used as an alternative for skateboards and it’s not just a toy, but a way to spend quality time by doing some awesome tricks with styles.

It is now worth $19 million and still growing because of its popularity and demand in the market. At present, Akeem wants to start a Flipstik academy where people can enroll and learn new tricks.


Flipstik Net Worth

The net worth of Flipstik is estimated to be around about $25 million in 2022.


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