Desi Perkins Net Worth 2022

Desi Perkins Net Worth

Desi Perkins is a famous American model and social media star who holds an estimated net worth of $1 million. We are going to share every detail about this beautiful model, so read the full post to get all the points. 


Quick Facts

Full Name Desi Perkins
Birthday 13 March 1987
Age 33 Years
Net Worth Approximately $1 Million
Birth Place California
Gender Female
Profession Modeling
Ethnicity Mixed
Hair Color Dark Brown
Nationality American


Early Life

Desi was born on 13 March 1987 and she is about 33 years. She spent most of her childhood with her siblings. She joined the school and got early education from her hometown school. Then she moved to high school where she completed her studies.

There is no more information about her study life. She was very fond of beauty and fashion, therefore, she took it as a profession, and now she is a famous beauty model.



Desi Perkins started her career as a fashion designer after her studies. She opened her own youtube channel where she used to upload different kinds of fashion and beauty videos on a daily basis.

In starting, she faced many difficulties but by the passage of time, she started getting fame. She always tried to upload useful videos therefore women liked it very much and also subscribed to her channel.

 As of 2021, desi Perkins has more than three million subscribers on her youtube channel. She also joined Instagram and used to share her beautiful images which are liked very much by people.

She has more than four million flowers on her Instagram account. So, we can say that she is a very popular celebrity who gained fame within no time. 


Personal Life

Desi Perkins dated Steven Perkins from 2006 to 2012 whom she also married. The couple welcomed a beautiful baby boy in October 2021.

Desi Perkins shared her full journey about personal life on social media. She creates and uploads a full video of her career and shares a full case study on Instagram with the help of images. 


Top 10 Interesting Facts About Desi Perkins

  1. Desi was born on 13 March 1987. 
  2. She never dated a boy except for her husband Steven Perkins. 
  3. Desi spent most of her childhood with her parents. 
  4. He started the following fashion when she was only 15 years old. 
  5. She loves to read books and travel.
  6. Desi is the only singer who got much fame from her first video. 
  7. She never shared much information about her personal life on social media. 
  8. She got more than 4 million followers on Instagram within no time.
  9. Desi has multiple sources of income including youtube and Instagram. 
  10. She got many awards for her great performances.



How much does Desi Perkins make?

She made more than $1 million from her career. 

When did Desi Perkins get married?

According to the web, she got married in 2012 to Steven Perkins. 



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