Cue Banks Net Worth 2022: How Actually Rich This Youtuber?

Cue Banks is a famous American Youtube channel with up to 100K subscribers. In this article, we will discuss some hidden facts about Cue Banks net worth, biography, girlfriend, and career.


Cue Banks Biography & Early Life

Cue Banks was born on April 17, 1989, with the full name of Fred McNeely. He was raised in Atlanta, Georgia with his sibling Ceekay Jones.

There is not much known about Cue’s education and early life. However, he was a very active person who always wanted to be popular on YouTube. Therefore, he uploaded his first video in 2009.


Cue Banks Career And Achievements

You might not be a fan of Cue Banks but you must have heard about him since he is one of the most popular YouTubers. He has uploaded his videos on Youtube since 2009 and currently has over 100K subscribers which means that he is making good money from his channel.

Cue Banks is known for his ability to play the “Call of Duty” games. He has played more than 10 games of Call of Duty and uploaded them on his channel.

We can conclude that Cue Banks has been playing video games since childhood which means he probably had some gaming consoles in his house when he was a kid. His elder brother Ceekay Jones is also a famous gaming Youtuber.


Cue Banks Net Worth And Salary

Cue Banks net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand in 2022.


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